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Back in the early 1990's a common business question was "Do you have a website?" in the early 2000's that became "Do you have a blog?". Today companies are scrambling as the new question buyers ask before making a decision is "Where do I find your podcast?"


Podcasts are the new website, you must have one. Buyers are looking for real engagement they want to get to know you, to understand what makes you tick, they want to hear and see your interactions and they want to hear from your customers (and not like in that rehearsed testimonial video you share).


Finding a good impartial host that has the knowledge, experience and the right personality to ask questions but also engage in the conversation is critical. Podcastology is the solution.


Our hosts have decades of leadership experience, they are successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professional speakers, stand-up comedians and authors and they bring more to the conversation than just questions. They help you passionately tell the story of your brand.

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 Podcasts MUST have video.

YouTube is the #2 search engine. If you aren't on YouTube you do not exist!

Podcastology understands that good content strategy means you need a full solution; audio files, videos (vodcast) and written content to meet the needs of your website, sales team and social strategy. That's why every package we sell includes video, shorts and transcription. If you want to get noticed you better have a YouTube channel and Podcastology gives you all the content you need to build an audience and keep them engaged.

Parallel Lines

Derrick Mains - CEO/Founder

Serial Entrepreneur, connector, and content creator, Derrick Mains has authored three books on Lean Management, pitched, produced, and starred in the Emmy Award Winning and three-time, 2022 Telly Award winning, Crackle Original Docuseries “Riding Phat” and helped build (as President and COO) one of the most notable brands to come out of the West Coast in the last decade, Phat Scooters.

As a public speaker Derrick has keynoted and spoke at hundreds of events and written hundreds of thought leadership articles on a wide range of topics. Was one of the first podcasters back in 2010 and his podcast "The Convergence" is among the top 1% of podcasts worldwide. 

Derrick has been involved as a mentor, founder, consultant and executive for more than 100 brands; including COO of Build Proof which in 2006 developed smart contracts, COO of TimeFireVR which launched the first metaverse on Steam in 2015, founder of GreenNurture which was the precursor of compamies like Slack, President of and Quest Resource Management Group which rolled up a number of sustainability companies that Derrick was involved in, to list on NASDAQ (QRHC).

Derrick resides in Phoenix Arizona is the Founder and CEO of Podcastology and The Process Fixer and consults and speaks on a wide range of topics including sustainability, manufacturing, lean, philosophy, physics, operations, marketing, finance, esports and Web 3.0.

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Craig B. Clawson is a product of the Penn State School of Journalism, and has worked for Radio, TV, and Newspaper outlets throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio.


After a 20 year career in Information Technology Management, Craig returned to his roots working with storytellers in the production of podcasts from all genres. His work has been nationally syndicated, and has been nominated for numerous industry awards. 


Additionally, he's been the keynote speaker, and has run workshops and panels for podcast festivals across the midwest.


Craig currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife Kelli and two kids.


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